a written challenge to a duel 


I started this group out of the deep necessity to take action after the results of the 2016 election. The way that Donald Trump has casually brushed off his comments around sexual assault and continually used misogynistic language should never be normalized. We must speak up. We must act. 

People always ask me, "What can I do?"

Why? Maybe it's because I'm an opinionated writer, maybe it's because I've spent years tutoring History, Government, & Social Psychology, maybe it's because I spend a lot of time mentoring young women, or maybe it's because I'm just bossy (confident).

The truth is that I take your trust very seriously, as I decide where to focus our group's actions. I'm not perfect, and I'm always open to feedback and ideas. I know that a Trump presidency threatens many marginalized groups, and of course it's good to help those causes as well. Our focus is on women's rights because it's where I can provide the most insight and experience. I want you to know that I humbly promise to work toward goodness and progress. I currently write screenplays and articles that also further this vision. It is very clear to me that helping women and girls is what I was born to do. 

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We are a network of men and women dedicated to promoting women's rights and equality. Every other month, The Activist Cartel receives 1 email that details specific action items to carry out

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