a written challenge to a duel 


ACTION LETTER #9: March 5th, 2017

​--Striking & Boycotting--

Dear Activist Cartel,

I'm sending this out early this week, because very importantly:

Wednesday March 8th: 
In coalition with 30 different countries and the 
Women's March, here is the info you need for 

"A Day Without A Woman"

--Women drive 
85% of all consumer spending with their purchasing power and influence. It's argued that a woman's purchasing power is her best mechanism to effect change.

--This will be a day that recognizes the enormous value that women of all backgrounds add to our socio-economic system— while still receiving lower wages and experiencing discrimination, sexual harassment, and job insecurity.


1.) Participate in the International Women's Strike: 
On Wednesday, March 8th: 
--Don't buy ANYTHING on Wednesday! Refrain from shopping in stores or online. Exceptions include local small businesses and women-owned businesses that support the cause. 
--Women refrain from paid and unpaid work. If you are unable to take that day off of work, here are 
other ways to support. Here is a template letter to inform your employer of your involvement in the strike. 
--Wear RED clothing on Wednesday! Red is a color of love, revolution, energy, sacrifice, and historically represents the labor movement. 
--Male allies: please advocate for women taking off work in your office, contribute to housework and childcare, refrain from shopping, and wear red in solidarity.

2.) Tell 5 friends about the strike. 
--Post on social media (
graphics available here) with positivity and solidarity. Post before Wednesday so people can make necessary preparations.

3.) Go to a rally on March 8th to support 
Many events are happening across the country. 
--Join me and 
The Activist Cartel at the Los Angeles rally. We will meet: 
DoubleTree by Hilton- downtown LA LOBBY 
120 S Los Angeles St, 90012 

We'll walk over to City Hall from there for the 12-2pm rally. Let me know if you're coming, it'll be fun and inspiring, wear red!

4.) Boycott: The 
#GrabYourWallet Campaign has provided a thorough and consistently updated spreadsheet that informs you of companies supporting the current administration and the company's contact info to put pressure on them. You may have already heard of some of their successes with Nordstrom, Uber, Kmart, Sears, and others.

Let's harness our power and show the world the value of a woman on Wednesday, March 8th. 
Marching forward with strength!