a written challenge to a duel 

ACTION LETTER #6: January 26th, 2017

​--Title IX--

Dear Activist Cartel,
I think we can all say, WOW, about the Women's March. We had Activist Cartel supporters in NYC, Paris, Denver, Houston, Seattle, LA, Portugal, Sundance, Austin, Oakland, St. Paul, Atlanta, San Diego, Madison, Colorado Springs, Chicago, Naples, San Francisco, Phoenix, Buenos Aires, and of course tons in Washington D.C.!

NOW it's time to channel this energy into action. 

I know it's been a horrifying week in politics. We could focus our attention on so many issues. We have a ton of new members, and I want to note that I'll be keeping our focus on women's rights, equality, and ending violence against women and girls because that's where I have the most experience, passion, and insight. Of course, please support the many other causes that are being attacked right now as well.

ACTION ITEMS: (longer than usual, I know, but there are too many things happening quickly)

1.) Sign-up for the Women's March 
10 Actions in 100 Days if you haven't already. 

2.) Call your Representatives!!: If you haven't started calling them, NOW IS THE TIME. If you've been posting your angst on FB, now is the time to make the shift. This is going to be a consistent action item, and even if I don't list it, I will be hoping that you've adopted it as a regular practice. 
--Activist Cartel Members who have GOP representatives: we need your help with this the most. Please reach out to me with questions if you have any hesitancy at all, and I can walk you through it. You can google your rep's info in 1 second, and definitely call the STATE office where it's usually easier to get through. Always tell them that you are tracking their votes in Congress and threaten to not re-elect them. If you're nervous on the phone, I would say that now is the time to get past that, but you can also call at night and leave voicemails.
--Please use the 
Indivisible Guide to learn more comprehensive ways to effectively make your representatives listen. 
--This week you can share your concern with your Senators over the cabinet nominees, such as Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions who first responded to Trump's actions of grabbing women by the genitals without consent as, "I don't think that's sexual assault. I think that's a stretch." The vote for Sessions is likely on Jan. 31st. You can also ask your Senator to vote 
"No" on HR7 which restricts reproductive healthcare for low-income women.  
Nicholas Kristof (who is a hero of mine) published an article today about the horrors of Trump's recent "global gag rule" and the war on women. In his words: "To those women and men who marched last weekend, remember that this isn't about symbols, speeches or pussy hats. It's about the lives of women and girls. Please, please, keep on marching, keep on calling."

3.) Educate yourself on Title IX: I will be bringing this up again as I closely watch the nominee for Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos. Title IX has become the primary method of holding universities accountable for ending sexual assault on campuses and protecting LGBTQ rights. We desperately need it to be strong and protected. I want to make sure that we're educating ourselves now before this spirals downhill quickly as the GOP platform has been set to 
weaken Title IX
--There is currently a 
#DearBetsy social media campaign that you can do to heighten awareness. End Rape on Campus is an incredible resource that details the law and the many different ways to take action. 
--Watch the documentary 
The Hunting Ground, streaming on Netflix. It brings so much humanity and facts to the epidemic of sexual assault on college campuses. I couldn't recommend it more. It's not just depressing, it's also hopeful... because Title IX has been doing so much to help.

4.) Invite a friend/family member who lives in a small, conservative town to join 
The Activist Cartel. Yes 750K was amazing in LA, but I was deeply moved by the small towns that had a few dozen marchers. They're brave and strong and where this movement needs to be also.

Your encouragement and support means the world to me. I received so many marching photos from Activist Cartel members, and the hashtag 
#TheActivistCartel on Instagram has now ignited. I'll look there often now for photos of you guys volunteering and inspiring others.

I shared a few members' marching photos below that gave me so much joy.
Marching forward! Making calls! Not backing down.

​​Photo by Frances F. Denny in Washington D.C.

​Photo by Marya Gullo of my husband, Charles Goodan, in Los Angeles. We had a massive group of Activist Cartel members marching together here. The communal energy inspired and prepared me for everything to come.

​​​Photo by Carrie Ann James in Paris, France

​Photo by Brett Littleton in Denver, Colorado

​​​Photo by Hank Fortener with his daughter in Naples, Florida

​​The Activist Cartel received a press credential for the D.C. March, and we were lucky enough to have the incredible photographer Frances F. Denny represent us there.