a written challenge to a duel 

ACTION LETTER #5: January 12th, 2017

​--Planned Parenthood--

Dear Activist Cartel,
I'm currently in a state of intense grief, as a very close friend passed away this last week. Lindsay was an active member of our cartel, and she spent most of her free time volunteering. In the effort to honor her, our focus this week is connected to a part of her story. 

Lindsay got all of her reproductive healthcare needs cared for at Planned Parenthood (PP). Often for cost reasons, but also because it was a place that she trusted and a place that she believed in supporting. 

--How the Affordable Care Act repeal will affect PP
There is no specific line item in the government budget for PP. It receives 40% of its funding through Medicaid reimbursements and Title X funding. Both of those predominantly aid low-income women. The GOP plans to defund PP through their fast-tracked
reconciliation bill to repeal major parts of Obamacare. PP is facing the fight of its life. 

ACTION ITEMS: Please do 1 of these (or all 4)
1. Sign-up to
VOLUNTEER for PP. What does that look like? I have a friend who stood outside clinics and guided patients through protestors. She also sat with patients after a difficult procedures and provided support and comfort. You can also be involved in Advocacy or Community Outreach. Here are some available opportunities right now. Or if you are college age or younger, join a PP Generation Action Group
2. Donate to the
Planned Parenthood ACTION FUND. I know many of you have already donated. Thank you.
3. Call your Representatives to voice your opposition to the ACA repeal.   
4. Have a Conversation with a friend or family member who doesn't support Planned Parenthood. Almost every women I know, including myself, has visited PP at some point in her life. Let people know the reasons why you were there. You can also use this as a guide to address common misconceptions:

--De-funding PP will save our govt. money: 
Congressional Budget Office projects that preventing PP from being reimbursed through Medicaid would reduce direct spending by $520 million and increase other direct spending by $650 million for taxpayers from 2016-2025 due to an increase in unintended pregnancies without PP's high-quality contraceptive care.
--Other clinics will pick up the slack: Closing PPs causes an 
immediate health care access crisis, placing enormous strain on community health centers, as the demand could increase in some counties by 531% overnight. Mike Pence closed numerous PPs in Indiana and now the state faces the worst HIV outbreak in its history. 20% of the counties where Planned Parenthood health centers operate, there are no other health care providers who serve patients who rely on safety-net providers.
--Abortions: Only 
3% of PP's services are abortions, and that number can slightly increase with different calculations. That said, the Hyde Amendment already restricts federal funding for abortions. Also, don't underestimate PP's adoption referrals and preventative/contraceptive care. In 2013 alone, PP's family planning services helped prevent 693,000 abortions
--PP sells fetal tissue for profit: The videos were found to be
heavily edited and the information inaccurate, and the man responsible for them was indicted

In these conversations with non-supporters, ASK WHY: Ask why mammograms, contraceptives, STD testing & treatment, pap smears, reproductive counseling, cancer screenings, physical exams, affordable birth control, pre-natal services, and pregnancy tests for low-income women aren't a priority for them? 

It means a lot to honor Lindsay alongside of you. I miss her so much. 
We fight on, my friends. No more silence.