a written challenge to a duel 

ACTION LETTER #37: October 11th, 2020

--The Contested Election No One Wants--

Dear Activist Cartel,

With Trump waging a daily war on the legitimacy of our elections and repeatedly claiming that he may not abide by the results... we need to be prepared for everything!

Ideally, Biden wins Florida and/or Ohio (on top of Wisconsin, Michigan, & Pennsylvania), giving him the landslide numbers we need to make sure Trump doesn't contest the election. That said, winning those states is going to be difficult, and we're dealing with a maniac, so...

23 days until the election, let's do everything we can!!


1.) SPREAD THE WORD to expect election results after Nov. 3rd:
Many swing states will need to count more mail-in-ballots than they ever have before. If Trump illegitimately declares victory on the night-of the election, it could create some serious chaos.
--Petition your state’s top Election Official to count every vote before declaring a winne
by filling out this quick form. It's a state-specific petition that takes 2 seconds to do.
--Prepare your friends & family for delayed results and normalize the idea that we won't know the results the night-of the election.
--Your state lawmakers can help, but you must 
send them a message demanding that they respect the vote count. Again, this is a state-specific message form that takes 2 seconds to do.

2.) SPREAD THE WORD that Voter Fraud Isn't a Concern and Voting-by-Mail is Secure:
--Know your 
Facts about Voter Fraud and how there is a historically researched 0.0025% chance of vote-by-mail fraud!
--Know your 
Facts about Voting-by-Mail and how secure it is!
--Use this 
Toolkit to fight disinformation and lies about safe voting options: It has social-media friendly graphics and info for you to share! Like this one:

3.) Support 7 House elections to Protect the Presidency!
Here is a very possible scenario described by Congressman Ted Lieu:
ELECTION NIGHT: Biden wins Florida, but Trump-loving Florida Secretary of State refuses to certify the vote. Neither Biden nor Trump gets to 270 electoral votes.
The decision is thrown to the House where...
Right now, the GOP controls more State Delegations, which means Trump is elected. BUT...
If we win just 7 specific House races on Nov. 3rd, that can't happen. These are the ones that can give Dems control of enough State Delegations
Alyse Galvin
Kathleen Williams
Jon Hoadley
Eugene DePasquale and re-electing Matt Cartwright
Margaret Good and re-electing Debbie Mucarsel-Powell
Please donate and support these candidates!

4.) Please, overall... just volunteer for the Election!
--Use this easy-to-reference google doc, 
2020 Election Volunteer Guide to find resources for Phonebanking, Textbanking, Postcarding, Senate races, and so much more!

5.) Spanish-Speakers are needed for Phonebanking!
--Sign-up to 
Call Latinx Voters in Florida: A state that could determine a landslide victory!
--Sign-up to 
Call Latinx Voters in Texas: A state that could determine a landslide victory!

6.) Continue to share overt enthusiasm for Biden/Harris (Not just dislike for Trump)
If anyone asks you for reasons to vote FOR Biden/Harris, here are 
121 Reasons to Elect Joe Biden, a social media friendly graphic and easy-to-reference list!

This will likely be my last email before the election. I started this group after Trump won the 2016 election to help women's rights, and now here we are. This election will determine the human rights for so many different groups of people, and I'm fighting for all of them. So please, let's do this! No regrets, act now, and let's take this election across the finish line!!