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ACTION #36: August 19th, 2020

​--What to do for the 2020 Election--

Dear Activist Cartel,

The latest national poll from CNN has Biden winning the election by only 4 points. Hillary, at this same point in the election, was leading by 10 points.

NOW IS THE TIME TO TAKE ACTION. Not a few days before the election. Not a few weeks before the election... NOW, now is the time. We all need to do more than we ever have before. I'm hearing a lot of people talk about taking action, but very few are actually doing it.

So here is some direction and resources!


1.) Send handwritten Postcards directly to Voters in Swing States:

Studies from the 2018 midterms tell us that voters loved receiving the postcards! And activists loved writing them (usually more than phone/text-banking). This is also a relaxing, fun, socially-distant activity you could do with friends in the backyard!
--Sign-up at and they'll make it super easy for you by giving you addresses and examples of what to write on the card for specific & critical Presidential/Senate/House campaigns.
And if you live in LA, my friend Jen Levin with her activist group HODG has created an LA Postcarding Enterprise where you can pick up a bag of 20 postcards, addresses, instructions, and an example card every Saturday! Then you return them to the same house the next Saturday and pick up a new batch. The postcards are sent directly to the campaign where they'll be mailed out in-state. Anyone is welcome to participate! These bags of postcards are sitting in baskets waiting for you, every Saturday, at the front door of several LA locations!
* HANCOCK PARK: 7am - 5pm, 611 Lillian Way
* SHERMAN OAKS: 9am - 4pm, 4627 Worster Ave
* PACIFIC PALISADES, 10am - 3pm, 530 Swarthmore Ave
* WESTWOOD, 10am - 3pm, 10551 Lindbrook Dr.
* MID-WILSHIRE: 8am - 4pm, 849 Alandele Avenue, LA 90036 (take stairs to 2nd floor, door on the right)
--Buying your own postcard stamps helps fund this enterprise, and helps the USPS, but HODG will also stamp them for you if needed.
--TIP: I like to humanize my postcards, so I often start with, "I'm just a regular person, spending my Saturday writing you, because this is important to me." So much more personal than a glossy, promotional flyer!

2.) Help Voters request an Absentee Ballot (Identical to a Mail-In Ballot):
--Request one at
Share this image on Social Media of the U.S. states that allow mail-in voting. The map is also posted below!
--If you're worried about the USPS (and we all should be worried about the USPS), then: Don't mail in the completed ballot and instead take it EARLY to a Ballot Drop Box. You will be able to google for these locations. No standing in long lines or risking your Covid safety to vote!

3.) Share Overt Enthusiasm for Biden/Harris (Not just dislike for Trump)
Have you heard the term "soft vote" recently? It means that the numbers being reported for Biden are considered "soft" because the enthusiasm is low and the votes can't be truly counted on. Kamala Harris has certainly ramped up excitement, but please be aware how enthusiasm affects turnout!
--Maybe this wasn't your first-choice ticket, but now you are voting for RBG's replacement and so many lifetime judicial appointments. Voter turnout for this election is absolutely critical and enthusiasm is contagious. We are at a pivotal juncture, where your unabashed enthusiasm for Biden/Harris will do a lot more good than your critique. DON'T WAIT until a few days before the election, it will be meaningless then, and now is the time to grow and encourage support!

4.) Increase Senate Candidates' Name Recognition & Donate to their Campaigns:
We need to flip 3-4 Senate seats, which is doable, if we all help out! Here are the swing seats that have the best chance and where your donation will make the most impact:
Alabama- Doug Jones
Arizona- Mark Kelly
Colorado- John Hickenlooper
Georgia- Jon Ossoff
Georgia- Raphael Warnock
Iowa- Theresa Greenfield
Kentucky- Amy McGrath (up against Mitch McConnell)
Maine- Sara Gideon (up against Susan Collins)
Montana- Steve Bullock
North Carolina- Cal Cunningham
South Carolina- Jaime Harrison (up against Lindsey Graham)
Texas- MJ Hegar
If you can't donate, share about these candidates on social media or with friends/family living in that state! Name Recognition is a huge part of elections!

5.) Call/Text/FB Message/DM Friends & Family in Swing States
--Download's free app 
Voter Network: In 3 seconds, this app will tell you who in your contacts is registered to vote in a swing state or who is potentially a resident there but not registered to vote! It's like magic and makes your life so much easier for outreach!
--I know political conversations can be hard... but another 4 years of Trump will be much worse.
--A lot of people are intimidated by lengthy and dense ballots, so in the past, I've also offered to research the ballot measures in my friend/family's area in order to help them fill it out. Anything to lock in their vote!
--Keep in mind that in 2016, Trump won by only 77,744 votes in swing states. Registering voters and encouraging turnout is everything!!

6.) For Diving Deeper into more Actions:
I'm giving you a starting point, but you can sign-up for emails with any of these inspiring activist groups for more frequent and detailed actions!
Americans of Conscience Checklist- sent every Sunday
Hang Out, Do Good (HODG)- LA-based, but with the pandemic, everything has gone virtual
Swing Left
5 Calls

Most importantly, start taking action for the 2020 election RIGHT NOW.
We can do this!!