a written challenge to a duel 

ACTION LETTER #35: May 28th, 2020

​--White Privilege--

Dear Activist Cartel,

White people's silence on racism is a huge problem. I know how uncomfortable it can be to start noticing my own 
white privilege and how I've benefitted from systemic racism.

Ahmaud Arbery not being able to jog safely without being murdered... George Floyd unnecessarily dying at the hands of the police... these are not new stories.

There is a significant difference between claiming, "I'm not racist" while staying silent in moments like these... Versus: Using my privilege to actively and vocally pursue anti-racist, systemic change.


1.) Read 
75 Things White People Can Do for Racial Justice
So many good ideas in this! For example, #4 recommends making sure kids and classrooms consume diverse books and history lessons. So many great links are included with the recommendations.

2.) Debunk #BlackLivesMatter Myths
Watch this clever & quick 
4 min video from MTV's Decoded with Franchesca Ramsey. She debunks:
"If you really care about black lives, then why aren't you talking about black-on-black crime?"
"So are you saying: Blue Lives don't Matter?"
"So you're saying, ONLY Black Lives Matter? That's racist."
"But what about white victims of police violence, there's way more of them?"

3.) Watch & Share this Video on Privilege:
Life of Privilege Explained in a $100 Race. If you're feeling defensive about acknowledging your privilege, this video is a great start in understanding more.
--Or read/share 
10 Examples That Prove White Privilege Exists in Every Aspect Imaginable

4.) Speak Up on Social Media with Anti-Racist Content
This could involve sharing one of the videos that I already listed. Or sharing some statistics, such as Black woman are 4x more likely to die in childbirth, and Black Americans are 30% more likely to get pulled over. Or follow a person like 
@courtneyahndesign who puts this type of info into helpful, shareable infographics that educate us on systemic racism.
--There are a lot of anti-racist social media accounts that are good sources. Many are mentioned in that 
first link!

5.) Support Black-Owned Businesses
Official Black Wall Street, you can search for businesses by category and location.

6.) Participate in Color for Change Campaigns:
Start by signing their Petition #JusticeforFloyd demanding that the officers who killed George Floyd are arrested.
Subscribe & Learn more about Color for Change: a nonprofit that designs campaigns powerful enough to end practices that unfairly hold Black people back, and champions solutions that move us all forward. Until justice is real.

7.) Listen without ego and defensiveness to people of color.

There is so much more not listed here!
Most importantly, don't be silent.