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ACTION LETTER #31: January 21st, 2019

--Government Shutdown--

​Dear Activist Cartel, 
The below actions are time-sensitive! There is a scheduled Senate vote on the government shutdown this week.

I would like to acknowledge that in 2018 we helped 
FLIP 40 HOUSE SEATS in the midterm election. We only needed 23! As we look into the new year, let's remember the power of our collective action.

The longest government shutdown history is forcing over 800,000 Americans to survive without a paycheck for over a month now.
Affecting our Coast Guard, airport security, National Parks, the impact is far-reaching in countless ways: 
The Violence Against Women Act expired and domestic violence shelters are having to cut back on services. 
Health care services for over one million American Indian and Native Alaskan women have stopped. 
Many Federal employees are applying for food stamps and looking for second jobs, while roughly 420,000 workers have been deemed essential and have to continue to work without pay.

The Senate already passed funding legislation without the border wall UNANIMOUSLY before the new year. Mitch McConnell is now refusing to allow bipartisan bills to the floor.

Illegal border crossings are at a 45 year low. Illegal immigration is predominantly via airports and people overstaying visas. 
63% of American voters in a recent poll “oppose using the shutdown to force wall funding.” (Fox News article) 
ALL 9 U.S. Congressmembers who represent the districts along the U.S./Mexico border OPPOSE the border wall, including Republican Will Hurd who stated, "I think building a concrete structure sea to shining sea is the most expensive and least effective way to do border security." 
There is not 1 known case of a terrorist sneaking into the U.S. along unfenced areas along the southern border. 
Drugs are "smuggled in on trucks, cars and airplanes at official ports of entry, or through tunnels under the border, or through the postal system — not by individuals crossing remote parts of the border." 
Here is over 3 minutes of video footage of Trump saying "Mexico will pay for the wall." I personally think a wall is an ineffective solution, no matter who's paying for it, but it's worth documenting Trump's staggering deceit.


1.) Call your 2 Senators! 
Find their phone numbers here. The local offices are usually easier to get through than the D.C. office. Definitely feel free to call after work hours and leave a voicemail. 
--Calling Script: 
Hi. I’m from [ZIP CODE]. I am asking the Senator to publicly reject Trump's border wall and end the government shutdown. The President is holding Americans hostage because he's an ineffective leader with a bad border proposal. Citizens should not go any longer without a paycheck. I don't want any of my tax dollars supporting the wall or a militarized border. Thank you.

--5Calls also offers some great 
updates, facts, phone numbers, and calling scripts.

2.) Call Mitch McConnell: 
--Washington D.C. number: 202-224-2541 
Even if he isn't your Senator, McConnell represents all Americans in his role as Senate Majority Leader. 
--Calling Script: 
As Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell represents me. I am asking him to reject Trump's border wall and end the government shutdown. I don't want any of my tax dollars supporting the wall or a militarized border. Americans should not go any longer without a paycheck. Instead, bring to the floor bipartisan government funding bills passed in the House. Thank you.

Please make a call at the beginning of this week! 
Every little action you take, matters.