a written challenge to a duel 


ACTION LETTER #32: April 5th, 2019

-- 4 Female Presidential Candidates--

Dear Activist Cartel, 
We have 4 incredible female Senators running for President!! And while Trump still dominates the conversation, I refuse to let this moment in history go by without the respect and attention it deserves.

I know that I haven't sent an Activist Cartel letter in a little while, but that is partly because I've been busy supporting these candidates, hosting fundraisers for them, meeting them, and learning more about their campaigns. I am here, now, to encourage you to do the same.

Nothing is ever going to change if we're not intentional. Shifting attitudes is a part of the long game. I personally think that a female leader is the right direction for our country, but also... 
--Here is a surprising
list of 58 countries that have had a female leader before the U.S.!

--All of the little girls are watching to see how we speak these women and if we support them. They're determining their own futures accordingly.

--Not all 4 women are yet qualified for the first presidential debate in June because they each need 65,000 individual donors to qualify. No matter which candidate you like best, I hope we can agree that it's critical to have these women in the conversation!

Uuuuuggh. The answer is YES. But of course if we give up that quickly, then we'll never explore the possibilities that we're capable of.


1.) Learn about these 4 Female Presidential Candidates' positions and policy ideas.

A few examples: 
Kamala Harris wants to close the teacher pay gap.

--Elizabeth Warren wants to reduce prescription drug costs. 
Kirsten Gillibrand wants to establish a national paid family leave program. 
Amy Klobuchar wants to rebuild America's infrastructure. 
And SO MANY more great ideas from all of them!

2.) Donate to make sure that all 4 of them are in the DEBATES! 
--Even $3 makes a difference because each candidate needs 65,000 individual donors to make it into the debates. Let's make sure these 4 women are a part of the conversation!

3.) Bring up these women positively in conversation when discussing the 2020 election.

Some talking points: 
--Amy Klobuchar was recently named the #1 most effective Democratic Senator in passing legislation. 
--Kirsten Gillibrand has voted against Trump more than any other Senator. 
--Kamala Harris has shown executive leadership as the Attorney General of America's largest state. 
--Elizabeth Warren founded the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

4.) Call out Sexism that you might hear surrounding these 4 female candidates. 
--How do you know if sexism is a factor? 
Just ask yourself, would this be a thing if it were a male candidate? 
--Read articles that help give perspective. Such as: 
--The informative 
"Women Candidates are Getting Shut Out of Mainstream Media Coverage" 
--The New Yorker's hilarious 
"Finally, a Female Presidential Candidate Likable Enough for Men" 
--McSweeny's satirical 
"I Don't Hate Women Candidates-- I Just Hated Hillary and Coincidentally I'm Starting to Hate Elizabeth Warren" 
"Women Candidates Have Fun Hobbies Too, They Just Don't Get to Talk About Them"

These women are smart. They're experienced. They're accomplished. And they are Contenders. 
Let's make sure of it!! 

p.s. If you have a moment, check out this 
interview I did with Feminists Act, which is another awesome activist website to know.