a written challenge to a duel 

ACTION LETTER #30: October 17th, 2018

​-- Canvass! --

Dear Activist Cartel,

I believe the #1 thing you can do to help the Nov. 6th, 2018 midterm elections is CANVASS, which is knocking on doors and having critical conversations.

--So many people don't know the midterm candidates or the date of the election. (Which would explain the pitiful 36.4% voter turnout at the last midterm election.) 
--You are spreading "name recognition" for the candidate, and voters so often choose the name they simply recognize. 
--People answering the doors are not asking hard questions and expecting you to be perfectly informed. They usually don't like Trump, but they're not engaged voters. You also get a script just in case. 
--There's now a phone app that makes canvassing so easy. 
--If you speak Spanish, you can be an incredibly helpful canvasser! 
--At first, it might feel awkward to knock on doors, but afterwards, it feels SO satisfying because you've truly connected with voters. And it's fun to do with a friend!

Flipping Congress to a Democratic majority on Nov. 6th, 2018 is the most immediate and effective way to curtail Trump's power and harmful legislation. 
--We only need to flip 23 seats out of 435 to flip the House! 
--Only 12% of young people voted in the last midterm election! 
--The Supreme Court could face another vacancy before 2020. The Senate will be harder to flip, but we still must try! 
--More than TV ads, mailings, social media, etc., CANVASSING is the guaranteed way to reach voters!

There are at least 78 Swing Districts where the last election was won by 15% of the vote or less, where Clinton beat Trump, or where a high concentration of activism has been sparked since Trump's election, making it competitive.


1.) Sign up to Canvass! 
Quite simply, knocking on doors is the best thing you can do to help. You don't need to live in the district in order to canvass there. 
SwingLeft's District Resources offer comprehensive instructions for each House swing district. 
--Canvass/Volunteer through a candidate's campaign. Every Senate and House candidate will have a link on their website that directs you to volunteering/canvassing. 
--I have many friends flying to their hometowns or swing states in order to canvass. It can be incredibly rewarding!

2.) Below, review the map of House & Senate swing elections. 
reference this list and map. Look for locations where friends and family live, so that you can reach out to them before Nov. 6th! 
--The main Senate swing states are: Nevada, Arizona, Missouri, Tennessee, Montana, Florida, North Dakota, Mississippi, Wisconsin, Minnesota, West Virginia, New Jersey, Indiana, and Texas.

3.) Canvass your friends & family who live in Swing Districts/States. 
--Enter their address on 
SwingLeft to see if they're in a Swing District. I'm not talking about convincing Trump supporters... I'm talking about engaging friends/family who want to see Congress turn blue, but haven't been engaged enough to canvass. Tell them that they live in/near a swing election and encourage them to canvass! 
--Offer to help research ballot issues for any friends/family in a swing district. The #1 barrier I've encountered for voting is that a person doesn't feel informed enough to vote, since ballots can be very overwhelming. However, thanks to the internet, you can research any county's issues and candidates. Overall, offer your help.

4.) Post on social media about the candidates you support. 
--Name recognition is so important! 
--At the very least, be vocal about the midterm elections and make it cool to be informed.

Nov. 6th, 2018 is exciting because we can finally do something big! There are 3 weekends left before then. The day after the election, I want you to feel like you did everything you could to help.

Let's do this!! 

HOUSE SWING DISTRICTS for Nov. 6th Midterm Elections:

SENATE SWING STATES for Nov. 6th Midterm Elections: