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ACTION LETTER #3: December 13th, 2016

​--Heartbeat Bill--

Dear Activist Cartel,
The response to the last email was so inspiring!! Thank you!
Sending this one a few days early because the action is time-sensitive. 

I've been told a lot, "Don't worry, no one is going to overturn Roe v. Wade." Okay... let's say it won't be overturned (even though it might), and let's address a death by many little bullets: state legislation that chips away at our rights, ultimately making Roe v. Wade defunct. 

Many states introduced and signed some pretty awful anti-abortion legislation this last month, knowing that once it reaches the Supreme Court, it'll have a better chance of being upheld. And once it's there, it's out of our hands, so we must act NOW. 

-Call Governor Kasich and ask him to veto Ohio's new "Heartbeat Bill" HB 493
-He has only 10 days to veto it, so call today or tomorrow. 
(614) 644-4357 or (614) 466-3555
-I talked to a really nice lady in his office. But if you get phone anxiety, call in the evening and leave a voicemail.
-Calling Script:
Start the call by saying "Hi, I'm a resident of (Cincinnati, Cleveland, Toledo, Akron, Dayton, Canton, or Columbus), and I'm calling to urge the Governor to veto the hearbeat bill, HB 493. (Then name a specific reason from the list below or tell a story of someone you know who found out about a late pregnancy. Specificity is good)."

It puts a ban on abortions as soon as a heartbeat can be heard, which is as early as 6 wks. 
-There are NO exceptions for rape or incest. 
-There are SO MANY complications that can arise and threaten the mother's life after 6 wks. The bill claims that there's an exception for that, but there are countless cases where the threat to the mother's life is "up for debate" and being decided by the government and insurance companies, rather than a doctor. 
-Women, particularly teenage girls, often don't know that they're pregnant until well after 6 wks
-Many doctors won't even see you and confirm the pregnancy until 8 wks
-This denies a woman's right to make her own medical decisions about her own body during the most intimate and difficult moments of her life.
-It is clearly unconstitutional in that it creates an "undue burden." Kasich is constitutionally obligated to protect a woman's right to choose up to 24 wks. 

If you're a part of this group and don't support reproductive rights for others, please feel free to reach out to me. I want to hear your perspective and open up a constructive dialogue around this topic. 
No more silence!