a written challenge to a duel 

ACTION LETTER #27: May 17th, 2018

--Immigrant Women--

Dear Activist Cartel, 
Yesterday, in a meeting about undocumented immigrants, Trump said, "These aren't people, these are animals." My heart sank when I watched the 
shameful video of it. I deeply value the immigrants in my life, and I stand in fierce opposition to the border wall, ICE deportation raids, and the many destructive immigration policies of this administration. Let's not sit idly by and be disgusted by the president, let's take action!

Immigrant women are often well educated, frequently the primary breadwinner, and are more likely to be initiating the citizenship process for their families. However, immigrant women often face severe power & control tactics that threaten their economic stability or citizenship status. The Trump administration's aggressive policies have only exacerbated their situation, for example:

--Female immigrants who are victims of domestic violence are now scared to report their abusers. 
Cases have shown that authorities might question her immigration status and choose to detain her instead of pursuing charges against her abuser.

--Recently, AG Jeff Sessions declared that the DOJ would 
separate parents from children instead of keeping them in a detention center together. The adverse effects on children with detained or deported parents are staggering, and an estimated 15,000 children could end up in foster care in the next five years because of immigration enforcement.

--AG Jeff Sessions wants to 
reverse a longstanding practice of granting asylum to refugees fleeing from domestic and sexual violence. This would send many women back to a potential death sentence at the hands of her abuser.


1.) Support real people who are currently detained and facing deportation.
This is such an awesome and EASY action! The organization #Not1More has the contact and email text already filled in for you. And you won't receive marketing emails by providing your info. 
Select "Open Cases" and click on a detained immigrant's photo. You can read their stories, and with one click, send a simple email to the specific ICE Office detaining them. After you send their ready-made email, they will also provide a phone number for the ICE Office if you want to advocate more with a specific calling script. It took me 2 minutes to advocate for 10 detained individuals!

2.) Ask Jeff Sessions to continue the practice of granting asylum to refugees fleeing domestic and sexual violence. Sessions has threatened to reverse the policy. 
--Click here to 
Sign a Petition. 
--Click here for the 
DOJ Comment Line phone number and calling scriptNo conversation required, you can just leave a message.

3.) Call your Senators to stop the separation of families at the US Border. 
700 children have already been taken from their parents, many under 4 years old. 
--Here are the 
facts, phone numbers, and calling script courtesy of the brilliant

4.) Volunteer 
CHIRLA (Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights) comes highly recommended for California residents. Bilingual volunteers are particularly helpful and volunteering opportunities range from administrative help to canvassing campaigns to register Latin American voters. 
* Contact CHIRLA Coordinator Zuleyma Barajas, and she will be happy to find the right fit for you!, 213-201-8717 
Voto Latino is a great national organization to volunteer with.

5.) Patronize and advocate for Sanctuary Restaurants. 
The restaurant industry employs 1.1 million undocumented immigrants, and these individuals currently face xenophobia, deportation, and ICE raids. Sanctuary restaurants stand by these workers by pledging to create safe and equitable work environments free from sexism, racism, and xenophobia. 
--Here is a 
map of Sanctuary Restaurants to support
--Do you know a restaurant owner? Use this 
Sanctuary Restaurant Toolkit to advocate for their support.

This is not an exhaustive list of things we can do, but please consider that every little action helps!