a written challenge to a duel 

ACTION LETTER #24: February 8th, 2018

--Take this Flipping Congress TEST--

Dear Activist Cartel,

What is an effective way to curtail Trump's power this year?

1.) Who is your Congressperson that represents your district in the U.S. House of Representatives, and in what political party is he or she? 
2.) Is your Congressperson running for reelection this Nov. 6th, 2018? 
3.) Are you in a district that could swing from Republican to Democrat? If not, what is the closest Swing District to you? 
4.) In that Swing District, whose politics do you agree with? Is there a person of color or female candidate who could add a fresh and inspiring voice to the district? Which candidates have raised a lot of money and have a good chance of defeating the Republican incumbent? 
5.) Do you have friends or family members living in a Swing District? Have you spoken with them about their support for candidates? 
6.) When is your Primary Election? 
7.) What are you doing to help swing the midterm 2018 elections if you already have Democratic representatives?

How did you do? 
Below, I'm going to give you some answers, resources, and guidance on how to get engaged in flipping the House of Representatives to a Democratic majority this upcoming midterm election, Nov. 6th 2018. This guideline might be too simple or too lengthy for you depending on your current involvement, but either way, find what's doable for you, and do it!

Why does this matter? 
--We only need to flip 24 seats to flip the House! 
--Only 12% of young people voted in the last midterm election! 
--Historically, the House races have received less attention, so your time, money, and talents count more! 

--The Senate elections in November favor Republicans, so there's a unified activism focused on the House...​
--With a House majority, we can block Trump's harmful legislation!

1.) Enter your address on 
BALLOTPEDIA and find ALL of your representatives. Click on the tab "Congress" to find your House rep and District number. 
2.) YES. All members of the House of Representatives run for reelection every two years. 
3.) Visit 
SwingLeft to find your nearest swing district. There are at least 70 Swing Districts where the last election was won by 15% of the vote or less, where Clinton beat Trump, or where a high concentration of activism has been sparked since Trump's election making it competitive. Please consider signing up with SwingLeft to get more involved and informed! You can also reference this list & map of the most competitive 2018 House seats
4.) After completing #1, you should now know your Congressional District number. Type it into 
Ballotpedia's search box. For example, type "California's 25th Congressional District election, 2018" (which is Los Angeles's nearest Swing District), or plug in any state/district to learn more. Scrolling down, you can see the candidates and click around to learn more about them or google their campaign website. 
--Go to 
OpenSecrets.org to learn about who is funding these candidates-- is it the NRA or small individual contributions? You will also be able to determine how competitive they are in the race by how much money they've fundraised. For example, type into OpenSecret's search box: "California's congressional races 2018" to get a full account. Plug in any state name to search. 
--To find female candidates to support, review the 
House endorsements from Emily's List
5.) Enter a friend or family member's address on 
SwingLeft to see if they're in a Swing District or reference this list and map. Engage in conversation! At the very least, help with name recognition by shooting your friend or family member a quick email with a link to the candidate and their primary voting date. This is not about changing Trump voters' minds, but rather activating a new pool of voters to be more politically engaged than ever. 
6.) Click here to find 
each state's Primary Election dates. It is very important to vote in your District's Primary Election as well, since we're trying to get the best and most competitive candidates for November. Primaries are often in May and June, so get involved now! 
7.) I already have Democratic reps, so here's what I'm doing, and I'd love for you to join me! 
--Host a fundraiser party for a candidate from a nearby Swing District. In February, I'm hosting a fundraiser party for a candidate (Katie Hill for CA-25!) and attending 2 more hosted by friends. They're fun and help people get involved and caring. Oftentimes, the candidate is happy to attend the party, which really helps inspire people's support. Just reach out to the campaign directly and start asking how you can help. 
--Host a fundraiser party for SwingLeft, which has created specific 
District Funds for the eventual Democratic candidates who win their primaries. You can also make a personal fundraising page with SwingLeft, using their fundraising toolbox
--Call/Email friends and family members in different states to tell them about a candidate running in their district or in a nearby district. I find it way more effective to give them an actual name of a person to support. There are often many opportunities to meet House candidates in person, so I'm encouraging everyone to do that. 
--Post on social media about the candidates you support. Name recognition is so important. 
--Make plans to canvas for a candidate in his or her district. 
--Donate to the candidates' campaigns. 
--At the very least, be vocal about the midterm elections and make it cool to be informed. Share this video from Billy Eichner & Funny or Die: 
"Glam Up the Midterms!"

Let's create a ripple effect around the country. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions and share this Flipping Congress Test on social media.

Nov. 6th, 2018 is exciting because we can finally do something big!