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For topics that The Activist Cartel has addressed in the past.

ACTION LETTER #21: November 9th, 2017


Dear Activist Cartel, 
Sexual consent is the linchpin for so many issues dominating our culture right now. After the Weinstein scandal exploded, I received questions about consent, so I'm focusing this month's letter on the topic. I also wanted to include some good action items that have popped up for past topics that we've covered, because we're not backing down!

Consent is the presence of "YES," not the absence of "NO." Consent is always freely given, informed, and reversible. Legally, a drunk person cannot give consent. Consent should not be assumed from body language, flirting, clothing, kissing, previous sexual activity, or silence.

No, and unfortunately we're not teaching sexual consent in schools. Only last year, 
California became the first state to mandate that sexual violence prevention and consent be taught in school's sex education classes. Even worse, ONLY 24 STATES require public schools to teach sex education at all!

Last year, the 
proposed legislation for sexual violence prevention programs in schools all failed to pass the state governments of Georgia, Mississippi, Washington, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Utah. A gigantic reason why state representatives and Flippable's recent state election success significantly matter.

There are incredible curriculums that can be brought into schools with initiative from parents. Research shows that after 
A CALL TO MEN'S LiveRESPECT Curriculum, the amount of boys who understand consent increases by 56%. I dream of day when every school is teaching consent... imagine the ripple effect it could have.


Watch and share this clever video that equates asking someone if they want to drink tea to consent: 
--Or share these
comic strips that question: What if we treated all consent like society treats sexual consent?

2.) Teach kids "consent" through your interactions: 
30 ways to teach a kid consent, with different actions for different age ranges 1-5 years, 6-12 years, and teens-young adults.

3.) If you're a parent, ask a teacher or administrator of your child's school if they teach consent as a part of their sex education or health class. If they don't, advocate for them to change it. 
--You can download the
LiveRESPECT Curriculum for free, or it's even more effective to have A CALL TO MEN personally introduce the program to your school or sports team.

4.) Sexual Assault on College Campuses: 
--Donate to 
Callisto: Callisto is a database that helps find repeat perpetrators on college campuses. 90% of assaults are committed by repeat perpetrators, and women are most likely to come forward when they know that other survivors are speaking out too. Callisto also confidentially timestamps evidence/reports before a survivor might be ready to go to the authorities. As a result of #metoo, Callisto is expanding their reach outside of campuses by launching a new campaign that only has 8 days left to meet its fundraising goal!

5.) Women in the workplace: Rate your employer for its treatment of women! 
InHerSight allows you to rate and search ratings for SO many companies. You can include any warnings of sexual harassment in the reviews.

6.) Birth Control: Speak out against exemptions for employers. 
Make a PUBLIC COMMENT, deadline Dec. 5th: 
The federal government's official regulations website is taking public comment on the new rule that would allow employers to deny birth control coverage to their female employees. The number of comments needs to be much higher than the current 10,354! It takes 2 minutes to speak your mind!

Our forces are growing... now is the time to be outspoken and strong!