a written challenge to a duel 

ACTION LETTER #16: June 22nd, 2017

--Bill Cosby--

Dear Activist Cartel,

Bill Cosby's sexual assault case ended in a mistrial last week.

Cosby has now been accused of sexual assault by 
58 women. I encourage you to read their stories in a gripping piece by New York Magazine. Or you can also believe Cosby's own words, when he openly admits to using Quaaludes to drug women and various other horrors in his 2005 deposition.

So why isn't Cosby in prison? There is only one 1 Cosby case, plaintiff Andrea Constand, who still falls under the statute of limitations (SOL) for sexual assault. It's very statistically common for victims to come forward years later after sexual assault or abuse. That said, many states have SOLs as low as 1-3 years, and it's important to 
know the unacceptable ramifications. Due to the Cosby case, California recently ended the SOL for rape, and other states need to do the same!


1.) What is the statute of limitations for rape in your state? 
Find out here

2.) Start a Campaign or Volunteer in your state to change the law. 
Cosby victims offer resources and guidance to start a campaign. 

3.) Sign a Petition: I have never included a petition as an action item before because they're usually not as effective. BUT this time they are. In both 
California and Nevada, petitions have helped change the law! 
--Here are some active petitions to end rape SOL: 
Colorado and Minnesota. Let's give them a boost in numbers! (But also feel free to unsubscribe to these petition sites after signing because I know they send a lot of emails.)

4.) Write a thank you letter to Cosby plaintiff Andrea Constand and/or prosecuting District Attorney Kevin R. Steele. 
--I called the DA's office to confirm the below address, and I was told that either Constand or Steele would be very grateful for an encouraging letter. They're up against a giant. 
--Andrea Constand: You can thank her for her bravery. As the only Cosby victim who is still within the statute of limitations, she's using her voice to fight for justice for 57 other victims. Not only is she enduring harassment by naysayers, but in a drawn out case like this, she has to repeatedly relive a horrible moment of her life. Nevertheless, she's persisting. 
--District Attorney Kevin R. Steele: You can thank him for his perseverance to 
immediately launch a new trial and help victims feel safe to come forward. 
Montgomery District Attorney Kevin R. Steele 
Andrea Constand c/o Montgomery DA Kevin R. Steele 
Court House, 4th floor 
P.O. Box 311 
Norristown, PA 19404-0311

5.) Believe survivors when they tell you that they've been sexually assaulted. 
--Offer bold and loving support. 
Please read this insightful piece on the historical and psychological pattern of believing male perpetrators over female victims.

Cosby's actions have had a horrible ripple effect in the lives of many women, but we can collectively change the course of that ripple and make positive change come from this.

Announcement: I'm changing this action email to a monthly distribution, but please know, my passion to create change is still as energized as ever!

Your actions inspire me, thank you!