a written challenge to a duel 

ACTION LETTER #14: May 18th, 2017


​Dear Activist Cartel,

What a week, yet again. A lot of celebration is due for yesterday's appointment of Robert Mueller as special counsel on the Russia investigation. It simply wouldn't have happened without immense pressure from the people. The phone calls pay off! And if you need a recap on the Trump/Comey disaster show, I recommend 
Seth Meyers Closer Look or John Oliver. Laughter is power. And now let's catch up on the healthcare madness!

The House recently passed an ACA replacement, called the AHCA or "Trumpcare." You most likely know what's bad about it already, but just in case, here are 
All the Horrific Details of the GOP's new Obamacare Repeal Bill: A Handy Guide.

In respect to women, Trumpcare will allow insurance companies to eliminate coverage for pregnancy/maternity care, charge women higher premiums, and defund access to Planned Parenthood. Specifically, the bill will eliminate all Medicaid reimbursements to Planned Parenthood, wiping out low-income women's access to cancer screenings, birth control, STD testing and treatment, pre-natal services, and so much more. You can review 
the misconceptions I've addressed before about Planned Parenthood, but I hope you can clearly see the gender discrimination and potential health crisis at stake.

The battle is now in the Senate, and they are rewriting the bill which thankfully delays this process. Keep in mind, it's a group of 
13 white men rewriting it, so expectations are not good. It's critical that we speak up now. No complaining about it later... now is the time to take action.


1.) Familiarize yourself with the resources to battle Trumpcare: 
The Payback Project: a one-stop hub created by Indivisible, Women's March, MoveOn, and Town Hall Project, all collaborating to fight for our healthcare. 
--You can find events/town halls, learn talking points, stage a Die-In, get info for key representatives, and see the Accountability Wall of the amazing people across the country creatively fighting back.

2.) Defend Planned Parenthood: 
--Text "DEFEND" to 22422 for incredibly helpful PP info and events. 
Planned Parenthood Emergency Guide: A new resource with so many new actions since I last wrote about PP. They help you find PP events near you and offer convenient 1 minute actions. This is wonderfully comprehensive!

Donate or Volunteer for the 2018 opponents of the swing district Republicans who voted for Trumpcare: 
--November 6th, 2018: The date we take part of our country back.

Always feel free to respond to me with any questions. I'm here to help! 
We're at a moment in history that can define your character. I'm honored to be taking action alongside you.

Thank you.